Clinical Lab Courses

Clinical Lab Courses

What are the courses main outlines?

In certificate clinical lab courses will learn the basic and medical laboratory techniques required for clinical laboratory.


What you’ll need to get started?

This course is designed for BSc, MSc and PhD students who want to learn the basic and medical laboratory techniques.


What are main syllabuses?

  1. Introduction to medical lab
  2. Lab Hematology
  3. Lab Biochemistry
  4. Lab Immunology
  5. Lab Parasitology
  6. Lab Microbiology

What are the course highlights?

  1. Teaching and training all the skills required for medical laboratory
  2. Offering practical internships in medical laboratories
  3. Weekly comprehensive exams
  4. Participants will receive the certificate of course completion


How to register?

To register and receive more information please contact IAS email address: