Msc and Phd Projects

Msc and Phd Projects

What are the course main outlines?

In this certificate course you will learn the basic and laboratory techniques required for your MSc or PhD research project. Each applicant will be trained to be qualified to perform successfully his/her research project. We will also help the applicants find the best research title and content for their MSc or PhD thesis.


What you’ll need to get started?

This course is designed for MSc or PhD students who are planning to submit their thesis.


What are main syllabuses?

The following syllabuses will be trained:

How to choose the best MSc or PhD project?

How to write your project proposal?

How to plan to do your thesis?

Teaching and training the basic techniques of your thesis.

Statistical analysis of your research data.

How to write your thesis?

How to prepare to your thesis defense?

What are the course highlights?

  1. Supporting the students step by step
  2. Teaching and training all the techniques required for your thesis
  3. Preforming the data analysis by the experienced data analyst
  4. Participants will receive the certificate of course completion

How to register?

To register and receive more information please contact IAS email address: