What are the course main outlines?

This certificate course is supported by the Thomson ISI-indexed Journal of Biological Sciences (JBS). In this project-based course, you will outline a complete scientific paper, choose an appropriate journal to which you’ll submit the finished paper for publication, and prepare a checklist that will allow you to independently judge whether your paper is ready to submit. The papers relating to biological sciences will be submitted to JBS.

What you’ll need to get started?

This course is designed for applicants who have previous experience with academic research. If you are interested in learning and writing a research paper and want to publish your work, this course is for you.

What are main syllabuses?

The following syllabuses will be trained:

Week 1: How to search for research papers?

Week 2: The structure of a research paper

Week 3: How to choose best title? How to write introduction?

Week 4: How to write methods?

Week 5: How to write results?

Week 6: How to write discussion, conclusion and acknowledgements?

Week 7: How to write abstract and keywords, and how to submit?

What are the course highlights?

  1. We share our projects by applicants to prepare the papers
  2. Each section of the paper which is written by the applicant will be reviewed and revised by the expert reviewers
  3. We support the applicants step by step to publish their papers
  4. The papers relating to biological sciences will be submitted to our supporting journal (Thomson ISI-indexed Journal of Biological Sciences (JBS); ISSN: 2021-09-09)
  5. Participants will receive the certificate of course completion

How to register?

To register and receive more information please contact IAS email address: ias.intl.scientists@gmail.com .


Dr. Rahim Ahmadi  

Prof. Dr. Shah Alam Khan

Prof. Dr. Lim Yang Mooi